Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Labor Day Weekending

Flowers on the pier

It was a weekend that flew by with fun, laughter and friends. On Friday, I celebrated a birthday with a knitting friend in Ballard.

Saturday, I awoke with the sun and puttered around the house. Scott was sick so I praticed my nursing minstrations and learned that my bedside manner needs some improvement. I guess telling people that they are NOT SICK when they ARE SICK doesn't really go over well. Saturday evening, Scott and I had dinner with his Mom and her new husband. It was nice to catch up with them. They left for an Alaskan cruise on Sunday and were staying the night in Seattle before they left.

Sunday, we headed down to the Crate and Barrel to look at the couch we wanted to order again. Our building is a bit squeezed and we wanted to make sure that the couch would fit up the stairwell. We debated, we ran into a friend and debated some more.

Ring Hands

Sunday evening was magical with a special wedding between friends. It was a small wedding full of love, laughter and toasts. I was influenced to give a toast of my own and while I stuttered some I think I carried it off. Scott and I also took pictures of the ceremony and party for our friends. We both decided that we really enjoyed taking them but that the life of a wedding photographer was not for us.

Wooden Boat Center

Monday was welcomed as a day off but one where I discovered that I was now sick. AND I DO NOT GET SICK so I had a talk with myself and decided to run the illness off. It worked somewhat along with use of my Netti Pot. Then we decided to bite the bullet and headed to Crate and Barrel again to purchase the magical couch. Now we have to wait 9-11 weeks for delivery with our fingers crossed the ENTIRE TIME!

And this morning I woke up for work and remembered that I have 8 days until I leave on our Road Trip vacation. I CAN NOT WAIT!
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