Thursday, September 04, 2008

Running and Heart Rate Monitoring

Day 253 (253/366): New and Improved!

I started my new running group last week and I'm already back in the running fold. I am a group exercise person in that I need a group to tell me when to exercise but I don't actually need to exercise with the group.

This particular running group that I run with uses heart rate monitoring for training purposes which means that a heart rate monitor is crucial.

Before beginning this group, I took myself to the Queen Anne Pool for a swim and I decided to wear my heart rate monitor. Funny thing though, it leaked and well just like that the insides were rusted which meant it no longer worked! The trusty little heart rate monitor that got me through STP, my First and ONLY Marathon, countless triathlons and many, many half marathons, was now leaky and dead. What was I to do without my trusty training partner? The one that was always there for me! The one I treated so shabbily!


Well I replaced her and the new one has a fancy foot pod which measures distances and stuff. It also uploads data to the computer and analyzes my exercises! I love how all the data from my workout is uploaded quickly to where I can then analyze the data.

Last night my running group did a heart rate test around Greenlake. I have a cold so I know my data is a bit wonky as my heart rate was a bit higher than usual, not horribly high, just high.

I plan to re-test my heart rate when Julie and I get back from our respective vacations and then I'll be able to compare these two tests easily with my new program.

So unfortunately I didn't learn that good of a lesson here. I learned that if you ruin something you can get something shiney and new that works faster and better than what you had before.
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