Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Day 3 (3/365.2) Disaster!

I decided to take Rigby to the oil change place today since it has been some time since his oil was changed.

I drove up to the place and got in line. They checked my brake lights and noticed they weren't working so good. They changed the oil, vacuumed the car and told me that they could only get one light to work, that the wiring was "funky".

I then remembered why I hadn't taken my car in to have it's oil changed, because there always seems to be "something" that happens.

So I take my car and stop by the gas station on the way home. I open my trunk to get something out and notice my brake light thing-y isn't connected correctly and my trunk isn't closing so good. Double GRRRR! I went right back to the oil change place and they notice that they broke the light. They did get it back on fairly well but I also have in writing that they will pay for the repair of the brake light thingy.

Of course this means I still need to figure out why I don't have the best brake lights so I've sent an appointment request into the mechanic (they schedule online!) and will drive Scott's car for now because I think brake lights are important!

Cars are a pain in my rear-end!
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