Saturday, November 28, 2009

Duck Eggs

E is for a Bowl of Eggs

I've been taking food photos each week that correspond to a letter in the alphabet. This week's letter was E. I thought and thought on foods that started with E. I got Eel, endive, eggs, and escargot.

I quickly ruled out escargot as I have not idea how to make that at home and really that is something best saved for a fancy restaurant. Then I considered Eel but to be honest, I got wigged out thinking about touching an eel. I like eel in my sushi but it's all cut up and presentable.

E is for Purple Endive

So I was left with endive and eggs which are great foods. I did consider that chicken eggs are a bit boring. Then I lit upon the idea of Duck Eggs! I asked my twitter friends where I could obtain such eggs and ran out to PCC to pick up a dozen.

After taking photos, I was left with the eggs which looked beautiful but scared me with their slight strangeness. I checked for some suggestions on what to do with the eggs. People said to just fry them up as you would chicken eggs or to use them in baking. So this morning for breakfast Scott and I enjoyed them with some bacon and toast. OMG! These things were so rich and amazing! I'm hooked on duck eggs and think that everyone should try one of these. YUM!
E is for Eggs
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