Monday, November 09, 2009

Kool Koolhaas

Finished Koolhaas

Last weekend I visited Churchmouse Yarns with some friends and grabbed some Plucky Cashmere yarn. This past weekend, I finished my Koolhaas hat with it. I love this pattern and this yarn and together they are a true delight.

Plucky Koolhaas

I don't think I had this yarn long enough to even place it in my Raverly stash. I knew that I wanted to knit it up right away. Then I remembered that I wanted to make Koolhaas and this yarn was the perfect gauge for the pattern.

I found the pattern to be pretty easy to pick up and stick with. This is definately a pattern that goes faster if you can cable without a needle. Me, I can not but I still managed just fine.

Folded Koolhaas

And now that I'm back in Rainy Seattle from Sunny LA, I sense that I'll be wearing this hat a lot.

I still have a bit of Plucky Cashmere left over so now I'm searching for a baby hat pattern and thinking about downsizing the Koolhaas pattern for a little one. But you know, maybe someone on Raverly has already done to go check!

Leftover Plucky
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