Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Breadcrumbs to Thanksgiving

Dried Bread

Yesterday was spent cutting up three loaves of bread into little cubes and drying them in the oven. My Mom insists that this is the absolute best way to make stuffing. It's a three day process. You cut and dry the bread cubes one day, stir and possibly dry them again the next day before you begin on the vegetables.

Bread Crumbs

I must say all the hard work does seem to pay off in the end. Her stuffing is always delicious and I hope to be able to replicate it this year in my home.

The Thanksgiving To Do List

I also spent most of yesterday looking out at this scene. I mean if there is one thing I didn't expect to derail my Thanksgiving plans, it would be the weather! We never have snow this early in the year. NEVER!

The view from My Front Door

Oh well, what is one to do but continue on their merry way pretending that all will be OK. Because it will all be OK!
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