Saturday, January 25, 2014

Five Weeks with Chicken Nugget


It was a busier but good week. We had PT on Monday, a playdate on Tuesday, errands on Thursday and a family adventure on Friday. I took Maggie out for errands on Thursday and she slept through the entire trip! It was so much easier than bringing Molly along. It's funny, there are things that are harder with Maggie (like feeding her) but there are so many things that are easier (like running errands and cleaning the house). Everything has its pros and cons. On Thursday we went to the park with a friend and Maggie nursed in the car afterwards like a champ. Sadly I can count on one hand how many times she nursed like a champ last week. It's getting extremely frustrating for me and I'm trying so hard not to be frustrated because she doesn't know. She's just a little baby.


One the good side, Maggie is the sweetest baby. She likes tummy time, she loves her sister and she is the best nap buddy around. She can ride in the car seat for ages and snuggles down in the Beco Gemini. She sleeps really well and actually spends most of the night in her co-sleeper which is something her sister had to be forced into. Speaking of her sister, we've had to keep the two girls separated as Molly woke up with croup last night. We are trying hard to keep Maggie from getting sick but they have such close contact that I'm a little nervous. The barking croup cough is so scary to hear and it is hard to see your kids when they are sick with it.

We're starting to settle into a routine around here and I'm beginning to feel more confident that I can deal with two kids. Of course, I still have my Scott safety net but I've been venturing out with both girls on a few trips here and there. They've gone well but we'll have to see how I do when I have to be the in-charge adult for 10 hours a day. I suspect it will be rough in the beginning but we'll figure it out.

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