Sunday, January 12, 2014

Three Weeks with Chicken Nugget


We are deep in the three week growth spurt around here. Maggie just wants to eat, eat, eat, sleep a little and then eat some more. She is still having issues breastfeeding but had made some small improvements. The LC has recommended that she get an evaluation from PT for the tightness on her right side. I am willing to try almost anything to improve the current eating cycle. 

Maggie has finally surpassed her birth weight and gained more than 13 ounces last week bringing her up to 9 lbs 2.5 oz. Hooray! She is gaining some neck strength and is getting less sleepy (but that might be due to wanting to eat all the time instead of sleeping).

Molly loves her baby sister and tells me what to do with her all the time. She finds the pump to be fascinating and notes that her sister has "Mama Milk" while she has regular milk. She likes to talk about it every morning while I feed Maggie and she watches cartoons. 

I tried to take some pictures of Molly and Maggie together but that did not work. I shall attempt again later this week! They are so cute together and I need to capture it. 

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