Saturday, January 18, 2014

Four Weeks with Chicken Nugget


Four Weeks! It's already been FOUR weeks! They've been a whirlwind and this week I made two trips outside with both girls and without Scott. It definitely took a lot more planning and coordination but I did it. Our first trip was to the Zoo with Molly's favorite friend, Norah. Norah also has a new little sister so Maggie also had someone to hang out with. Our second trip was to the donut shop for treats while Scott got some much needed zzzz's. Maggie was unimpressed with the trip but Molly and I were quite excited to enjoy some donuts. 

Maggie also had her first PT appointment this week and it has made an amazing difference in her nursing! She went from grudgingly nursing once or twice a day to five to six times a day. Such vast improvement. We have another appointment next week which I am really looking forward too. Unfortunately my supply isn't keeping up as well as I'd like for Maggie so I'm going to be talking to my doctor on Monday about some drugs. Hopefully they can help get things back on track. 

Maggie is getting stronger every day. She lifts her neck and while she doesn't have great control I can see how strong she is getting. At PT, she was rolling around and almost rolled over to which I yelled, I AM NOT READY FOR THAT! STOP IT! The therapists laughed and said it would have been a fluke but still I AM NOT READY! 

Maggie has been sleeping with me since birth but I'm working to get her to sleep in the co-sleeper a bit more. It's nice to have a snuggle bug but with her asymmetrical (her right side tightness) issues, I think it would benefit her to sleep more prone on her back in a straight fashion and sleeping in my arms might contribute to her issues which would be bad. 

Molly LOVES Maggie and I get so excited watching the two of them together. I envision future tea parties and dress-up sessions but I also know there will be a lot of fights and yelling. 

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