Monday, January 27, 2014

Following My Arrow


I'm participating in a mystery shawl knitalong from Ysolda even though my knitting time is severely limited but I am having so much fun with it! I'm using a new to me yarn from Old Maiden Aunt which is turning out beautifully but is also bleeding all over my hands a bit. 


I also decided (possibly in the mist of sleep deprivation) to make two shawls. I had purchased two different colors of yarn for this shawl and couldn't decide which one to use for the knitalong. I decided to use both! I've been doing different clues (which is the true beauty of this knitalong) for each of the shawls. 


The forum over on Ravelry is so active and I love seeing what other people are creating with their clue choices. The other exciting part of this knitalong for me is that Ysolda releases each pattern's clue on Monday at midnight (my time) and I'm usually up feeding Maggie. I download the pattern and read over the clues while taking care of Maggie. Then I ponder which clue I'm going to do. If I'm impatient, at the second wake-up of the night, I check out the spoiler thread to see what people have started knitting up (and there are a lot of photos just a few hours after the clue is released) to help me make my final decision. The clue release gives me a bit of excitement and helps keep me awake through the middle of the night feedings. 



There are three more clues and I can't wait to see where they take this design. I'm also excited to have two new shawls in less than a month. 


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