Monday, July 13, 2015

Eighteen Months with Mag-Pie

Maggie - 18 months

Dear Maggie,

In the past month, you have really begun communicating and are trying so hard to say words. You still only have a few but you've added MINE and Uh-Oh to your repertoire. We are still working to get you some speech therapy and have another evaluation scheduled in a few weeks. At this rate, you'll be all caught up with the extra work that your Dad and I have been doing without any outside help.


In this past month, we've gone on two trips. One to Suncadia which was amazing and to the Oregon Coast. You have done amazing as a traveler. You seem to sleep pretty well anywhere though are bothered by your sister's sleep avoidance antics. You had the best time in the water at both locations. In fact, in the last month, you have become quite the fish! 

You started solo swim lessons and you LOVE them. I really wasn't sure if you'd go for swim lessons without me but you have done amazing. You've really connected with one teacher, Ali and do so awesome with her. You don't like the other instructors because they aren't Ali. We sometimes go swimming at night and you love swimming while wearing the puddle jumper. You won't let me touch you because you are a kicking, swimming fish. You also love going down the twisty slide at the pool.



I LOVE that you love swimming. I'll admit that swimming is one of my most favorite things in the whole world so I might be a bit pushy toward getting you and your sister to like swimming. It means more swim time for me! 


When not swimming, we've spent a ton of time in the backyard. You love playing in your wading pool with your sister and eating all the popsicles in the world. 


It's been a super hot month around here so I've been trying to find ways for all of us to stay cool. Popsicles for breakfast help with that! 


You have been obsessed with dancing ever since your sister's recital. I love watching your dance routine and think we'll be getting you into dance as soon as we can. Until then you'll be starting gymnastics in the coming month. You have been so anxious to get out on the gymnastics floor so I can not wait to experience class with you. 

Keeping it real with my two sweeties on a Summer Day! #UltraHug I'd nominate PEPS for the $2,000 grant.

We had your 18 month doctor appointment and you are still rocking the top of the charts. As your doctor said, you are proportional! Keep on rocking! We love you Mag-Pie. You bring light and smiles to our lives. 

Height: 34.5" (98.5%)
Weight: 29 lbs 8 oz (97.9%)
Head: 19.88"(99.8%)

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