Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Summer Garden Update!

squash flower

It's been a super hot Summer in Seattle which means my garden is in a state of flux. The tomatoes are coming in big and bold. The lettuce bolted. I'm questioning my garden abilities and my peas have withered and died. This year's garden has me facing how little I truly know about growing my own food. I thought I knew a lot but there is so much that I do not know! I'm trying to settle my gardening angst by focusing on the bounty that is about to come from my garden.


My lettuce gave up the ghost a few weeks ago and since it has been so hot around here, I've decided that I'm going to do another round of lettuce. I'm going to try a few different varieties though since this will be my bonus lettuce round. 


I fear my beet greens may have bolted (is that even possible?) but the beets themselves appear to still be growing strong so I'm leaving them alone for now. I'm also leaving the onions alone for another week or so. I fear that I may have planted them too close together but they are looking quite lovely for now. 


I did initially plant my carrots too close but after some careful thinning, they are doing quite well. Our only problem is that we keep pulling a carrot or two to taste them every time we are out there and I fear we are going to eat them all before too long. 


The squash is going gang busters. I planted my zucchini late so while everyone else is starting to complain about an over abundance of zucchini, I have a few more weeks until that avalanche happens. I'm already researching how to cook up all that zucchini! Let's just hope I'm not counting my chickens before they hatch! 


How is your garden growing? Any tips to help me boast my gardening confidence? 
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