Wednesday, July 29, 2015

One Year Ago...


One year ago, I lost the best Dad to cancer. I can't say that this year without him has been easy at all but I can tell you that time does make the pain easier to bear. I've had to step up into a role as my Mom's caregiver (with awesome assistance from my brother, SIL and Scott) while also being a Mother to my two girls. It's often a very heavy burden and every day I miss my Dad. I miss him in both big ways and little ways. I miss the way he always had advice for me and was always willing to lend a helping hand. I miss that my children won't get to have that storybook Grandparent relationship. Molly got to have a few years of storybook Grandpa time but she was too young to really remember it. I will always treasure those days for her though.

Family #fmsphotoaday Molly and Grandpa

Today the girls and I will take my Mom to visit my Father's final resting place before heading out to lunch. We'll share funny stories about my Dad with the girls and tell them how much he loved them. He would so get a kick out Maggie's toddler antics and Molly's ever present three-ness. Dad, I'll Love You For Always. I'll Miss You Forever. May You Be at Peace.

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