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Week in Review - 8.13.16


Scott was out of town for part of the week for the third week in a row. The girls and I are getting into the swing of things but it is disruptive to the routine. And we love routine in this house.



When Scott told me that he needed to leave town again, I quickly scheduled all my classes for the week. I did Boot Camp on Monday, Thursday and Friday and barre3 on Tuesday and Wednesday. I was so sore for most of the week but proud that I got my 5 workouts in. I also walked to the pool and back on Monday which gave me 16,000 steps for the day. This week I think I'd like to meet my goal of 12,000 daily steps so I'll need to get more walks in.

Maggie went to barre3 childcare on Tuesday and Wednesday which she luckily loves. I would however love it if ClassPass had a search option for childcare so I wasn't stuck with just doing barre3 when Scott is gone. I love barre3 but sometimes I'd like options.

I almost took another pilates class today but decided to rest up. Also I need to do some yard work and that is always good exercise.


Most of our meals this week were served in bento lunch boxes. I get so excited putting together lunches and snacks in these containers and the kids love them too. On Thursday night I packed up a picnic dinner for us to enjoy between swim lessons and open swim. It was delicious! Unfortunately I learned that you should wait 30 minutes between eating and swimming for a good reason. Maggie left most of her dinner on the pool deck. #ewwww


I went to Trader Joe's randomly and found these awesome Butternut Squash Zig-Zags. They were delicious! The kids wanted pasta for dinner on Monday so I fried these up with a bit of coconut butter and mixed them into the pasta. The kids loved them and didn't quite get that they were getting extra veggies. 


Maggie ate lunch in the car twice this week due to tight scheduling between barre3, preschool pick-up and swim lessons. Luckily she was a champ about it and loved her bento box lunches. 


Emily over at Daily Garnish recently posted about sun butter in dates. We are not really sun butter fans over here but we do love peanut butter so I subbed that out and WHOA! These are so good. I made a batch of them and stuck them in the freezer. The girls and I enjoyed them as a snack. The icy, sweet goodness was perfect on our warmer summer days. 


Amazon Fresh recently sent me a sample of Stok Cold-Brew Iced Coffee with my regular grocery order. I grabbed it as we were running out the door one afternoon, not expecting much more than an energy pick-up. This stuff was so good though! I'm not usually a fan of coffee (iced or hot) without cream but this stuff did not need it. I may have added some to next week's grocery delivery.

The Girls


There really isn't a better way to say this than the girls were pills this week. It was a hard, hard week to be a parent but we made it through with some yelling, lots of cuddles and remembering that they were having a hard week.


On Tuesday, we headed over to Filson to celebrate Smokey the Bear's 72nd birthday. There were cupcakes, fun drinks and live music. The girls danced their little hearts out, licked frosting off cupcakes and spilled drinks everywhere. The funniest part of the afternoon was when the girls met Smokey. Molly has this thing about men not wearing shirts. She gets fired up and will yell at them and tell them to put a shirt on. This is so embarrassing when one is driving past a jogger and one's child is yelling, "YOU NEED A SHIRT! WHERE IS YOUR SHIRT?". So we meet Smokey and Maggie is scared of him and Molly goes, "Why isn't Smokey wearing a shirt? He NEEDS a shirt." which yes, why is Smokey wearing pants but no shirt? Why does Daniel Tiger wear a shirt but no pants? Seriously these animals need to learn how to put on all their clothing. My child has questions. 


The rest of Tuesday didn't go as well for us though. Molly ended up having a 45 minute long, ear-piercing tantrum. After troubleshooting and Face Timing Scott for external parenting help, I figured out that she was having some muscle fatigue. I put ice packs on the backs of her legs and she settled down. She eventually went to sleep and I sat in the dark trying to recover. 

#100daysofsummer to reading about Hillary Clinton before bed.

On Wednesday night, Maggie was driving me mad so I told her that she could take herself to bed which she did! She went to sleep at 6:30 p.m. and slept until 7:30 a.m. the next day. I was shocked! I snuck into her room at 8:30 p.m. and slid an extra diaper over her since that had not gotten changed. She didn't wake up at all. She must have been exhausted. Molly and I then spent an hour and a half reading books. The girls and I go to the library at least once a week to stock up on books. They also get a monthly book delivery and just eat up the words. I love that I am raising readers. 

Other Goings On


Fat Mum Slim just released a new app called, Adorable. While mainly for moms of new babies, I have been having so much fun. The text overlays are the best!


I've been test knitting a sweater this week and getting so frustrated with myself. The instructions are so clear. The sweater design is wonderful. My attention to detail has been faltering so I've spent most of the week, knitting and ripping and re-knitting. I'd rather just be knitting! 

I finished watching Season 1 of Houdini and Doyle this week and I'm sad to have watched all the episodes. I need a new show to binge watch while I fold laundry. The only way I can handle folding laundry is to watch stupid tv shows that require little attention to detail. 


I've also been focusing on my photography for a Clickin' Mom's class, The Documentary Approach with Jessica Thomason. I want to take a more documentary eye to my photography and this class is really helping! I did the study-along but kinda wish I had forked over more money for the full class so I could get critique from the instructor. I am learning so much though and often feel like my brain is too full. 

Stories Published

#100daysofsummer to taking a plane home from vacation

I had two stories published this week and loved writing both of them. I have a bunch of stories waiting to be published with another kid publication and I'm dying to show them to you! Until then, here are my two stories this week. 

Seattle Refined: The Ultimate Seattle Summer Bucket List

Seattle Refined: Top Tips and Tricks for Traveling with Kids
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