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Week in Review - 8.20.16

12:48 pm Swim Lessons! #mobileDiTL  #thedocumentaryapproach

It was a hard week around here. The kids were at their worst, the weather was at its' worst (98 degrees yesterday!) and it was just a hard week. However, next week is a new week and I'm going to work to make it better!



It was a great week for exercise. I met up with a friend on Sunday for barre3. It was a sweaty, sweaty class and perfect! Then I did boot camp three times (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) and each workout was better than the last. Monday's workout stuck with me for a long time. Steve, the trainer had us do plank to "Come On, Eileen" and every time Eileen was sung, we had to do a push-up. It was a loooooooong 5 minutes. 

On Tuesday, I decided to hit up the 5:45 a.m. Inspire Ballard class. I have to say that 5:45 a.m. is SOOOOO much earlier than 6 a.m. Also the other class participants were so stylishly dressed. The woman next to me had lovely locks of hair and a pilates bodysuit on that perfect outlined her body. The instructor wasn't that enamored with my lack of coordination but I since I gave up having any f*cks, I had a great time! I was so sore the next day. 


4:25 pm When your organics box and your Blue Apron meals arrive at the same time. #thedocumentaryapproach #mobileDiTL

I neglected to skip our Blue Apron and Marley Spoon meal delivery this week which threw off my menu planning. We have a lot of meals to get through so I'm working with it and at least the food is delicious! 


It was a shrimp week around here too with Shrimp California Bowls and Shrimp Tacos (recipe coming) for dinner. I brought most of our meals back to salads to eat all the delicious organic vegetables we got in our organics box. 

The Girls

10:01 am We arrive right as the library opens and Maggie impatiently waits for the door to be unlocked. #mobileDiTL  #thedocumentaryapproach

It was the girls last week of daily swim lessons. Molly has one more session of evening twice a week lessons. We're taking the fall off from swim for various reasons. I'm going to miss them. 

5:35 pm First soccer practice. First refusal to participate. #mobileDiTL #thedocumentaryapproach

Molly also started soccer this week and was very apprehensive about practice. She hung out along the sidelines for practice and I'm hoping next week she'll get in the game! She's been begging to play soccer for months!

Other Goings On


I did some planting for Fall in my garden. I put in more lettuce, carrots, radishes, some cauliflower and spinach. I got smart this time and marked everything down in my planner so I'm prepared for harvesting. 

2:42 pm Raiding the pantry #mobileDiTL #thedocumentaryapproach

I did a Mobile DiTL for my Documentary Class this week and really enjoyed it. I made sure to think about each shot more and took my time getting the right one.

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Smokey the Bear says "Celebrate your favorite outdoorsman!"

Smokey the Bear says "Celebrate your favorite outdoorsman!"

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