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Week In Review - 9.17.16


The weather this week was glorious and perfect! It was in the low 70s all week with the sun shining. This morning, however, is a different story. The rain and wind are quite fierce and I'm half not looking forward to Molly's soccer game. I am excited to watch her play though. 



This past weekend I attended the Trek Dirt Series in Whistler where I learned all about riding a mountain bike. I'm doing a story on it which I'll share when it publishes in Seattle Refined. As someone who hasn't biked in over 5 years, mountain bike camp was a shock to my system. There was also a slight accident where I fell off a low wooden bridge and was rammed in the rear by my bike. I only completed one day of the camp as I was way too sore and injured to do day two. I decided to be kind to my body this week and only did my 3 days of boot camp. My rear is still sore but I'm healing up and looking forward to being back at full throttle next week. 


My Fall goal is to published a healthy and delicious recipe one a week. This week I shared One Sheet Chicken Roasted Vegetable Fall Dinner which is full of root vegetable goodness and crispy chicken. This Foster Farms chicken recipe is so good. Remember to check out The New Comfort Food and find some other great recipes on Foster Farm's siteFoster Farms is also offering a $1.00 off coupon to ReeBeckiSupergirl Readers! 


I'm still getting our organics box on a weekly basis and this week, we got the most delicious grapes! They suggested using them for grape jelly but honestly they won't last that long in this house. My kids are fruit bats and I've been (luckily) successful at getting them to eat fruit first. Getting kids to eat healthy food can be such a challenge! 

The Girls


The girls have been busy, busy little bees this week. On Monday, they started ballet. Day one was quite chaotic but I'm hoping it will even out. On Tuesday, Molly started swim with her preschool class. They take the bus to the local pool and have lessons there. Molly was a little nervous about the logistics but told me afterward that it was no big deal. Wednesdays are devoted to soccer practice. We walk the two blocks to the elementary school and you'd think we were walking two miles based on the whining from the girls. Ugh! Friday they have gymnastics and Maggie keeps telling me that she is perfect at it. I love her self confidence! 


I started a little homeschooling with the kids too. I found this awesome and free curriculum over at Simply Learning. We struggle in the afternoons with things to do other than watching tv. As the rainy season starts up, I wanted something to do with the girls but I didn't want to have to come up with the plans on my own. When I found Simply Learning, I knew this would be the solution to our problem. We started the Hungry Little Caterpillar Preschool Unit this week and it has been a HUGE success! We are raising caterpillars to become butterflies and the girls have been obsessed. OK, I have been obsessed too. All of the activities have been so much fun and I love that the girls are learning. I haven't had to force them to do any of these projects at all. In fact, they come home from school and ask to do caterpillar school. We have one more week and then we'll be starting the Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? Preschool Unit. I plan to write more about this later next week as I have deviated from the plan a bit and am making it work for us! 

Other Goings On


I joined the Seattle Refined Book Club because I like supporting my employer AND I love reading. I am really enjoying Eligible so far. I also got my BOTM book today so my books to be read pile is growing fast! 


I've been working hard on a Test Knit Sweater which I missed the deadline on. I decided that I wanted the body to be longer though so I spent a lot of time this week, ripping out my work. This week I plan to get the length where I want it and get those sleeves done! I highly recommend this pattern though. It is an easy and beautiful knit.  

Stories Published


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