Saturday, September 10, 2016

Week(s) in Review - 9.10.16


I missed posting last week so this is a two week wrap-up! I'm at Whistler today for Mountain Bike Camp and I can't wait to report back about it. I'm doing a story for Seattle Refined and I'm honestly wondering what I got myself into! 



Scott was out of town two weeks ago so my workouts were a bit different I still got in three boot camps but on different days and I did barre3 on two other days. 

This week was more my usual routine but I only did two boot camps instead of three due to labor day laziness. I also did two pilates classes for another article I'm writing for Seattle Refined. I really enjoyed the pilates workouts. They are tough!



I discovered this new salad mix that has been the base of all my lunch salads. I am in lust with it! It's the Taylor Farms Greens & Sunshine salad and it is perfect for adding other yummy tidbits too. 


My Organics box has been packed with tomatoes. I actually skipped this week's box because my counter was bursting with fresh apples, tomatoes and leafy greens. 

The Girls


Molly had her last day in the Kangaroo room at her preschool and moved into the Discovery Room. Maggie moved into the Kangaroo room and while we are only two days in, things seem to be going great! 


Molly went to Charity Boot Camp with me and a few friends last Saturday which was so much fun. Well I had fun. Molly said it sucked but she was laughing and giggling so I think she had fun. 

Molly's last day of Summer Swim was this week but she starts swim class with her preschool next week so swimming continues! Mags and Molly both started gymnastics class and love it. They also start ballet on Monday. Such busy kids! 

Other Goings On


My nephew was born on Labor Day! He looks so much like my brother and is a chunk. The girls keep asking to see him again which we will do again soon. Right now my brother and his family need time to bond and recover. 

Stories Published

I had a bunch of stories published in the last two weeks. It's funny too because some of these were written months and months ago. 

My September SHOP column in Seattle's Child came out.

Image: Seattle's Child

My story on Global Lunches came out in September's ParentMap. 

parentmap1-1  parentmap2-1
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