Saturday, September 24, 2016

Week In Review - 9.24.16

Boats! Boats! Boats!

This week felt sleepy, like I was in a fog. I started back on my 14 Week Organizational plan by organizing the pantry and most of the kitchen. It's such a big job. I'm planning to finish up the kitchen this week while decluttering the laundry room. Luckily the laundry room is already pretty bare so it shouldn't be a huge project. 


Pro Soccer Fan

This was another week of busted working out. I worked out 3 times. I did boot camp twice and a Inspire Pilates class. I went to the doctor on Thursday who told me that I have bursitis in my hip along with some IT band issues. She prescribed me some PT and I'll get started on that the first week of October. Until then, I'm using my foam roller, icing and doing the exercises she gave me to get back on track to crushing it. I miss working out! My hips were killing me so much on Wednesday night that when my alarm went off, I went, "NOPE!" and went back to bed. 



My monthly meal plan is helping me feel on track and saving us so much money. I am still struggling with getting back to prepping meals but I have time blocked out to do this on Sunday so I'm going to make it happen. I think prepping meals will elevate my breakfasts this week. 

The Girls


The girls have been LOVING our preschool learning and went crazy over Peru this week. Molly went to bed with the MAPS book (I think we're going to have to buy a copy for our house) and spent most of the evening asking me questions about Peru. We also went to the Burke Museum for Bug Fest which had a TON of Butterflies. It was perfect! 

Maggie and I went to the Seattle Center on Tuesday. Tuesday are our days together so I've been planning special activities for just the two of us. Thursday was the girl's school BBQ. Molly was at school from 8:30 a.m. until 7:20 p.m. She literally collapsed into bed. She was exhausted from playing but said she had the very best day.

Other Goings On


On Monday evening, I took myself out for a date to see Ann Patchett at Benaroyal Hall. None of my friends were interested but she is one of my favorite authors so I decided to go alone. It was awesome. I was able to completely focus on everything she talked about. She is hella funny and it was a great evening. I had a delightful time and hurried home to quickly finish Commonwealth, her latest novel. 


My week was actually pretty quiet. Scott was away on a business trip for a few nights. I finished a puzzle we had picked up from IKEA and now need a new one. I love doing puzzles even if no one else in my family enjoys them as much. It's a nice, quiet way to exercise the brain. I spent a lot of time reading Eligible for the Seattle Refined Book Club. We're filming the book club discussion on Wednesday so I'm frantically finishing the book so I sound smart when we talk about it. Wish me luck! 

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