Friday, January 20, 2017

Project 52 - Week 40 - 44

I got really behind on things in December so today's Project 52 is catch up day!

Project 52 - Week 40

We met some preschool friends for the Christmas Ships on the private North Beach beach. We live so close but don't have access so it is nice when others include us. 

Project 52 - Week 41

Christmas morning was wild as usual and so wonderful! We spent the remainder of the day in quiet activity after the excitement of the morning. 

Project 52 - Week 42

I took the kids to Target to get some supplies for a blog post and decided to document our trip in front of the sign. 

Project 52 - Week 43

Maggie and I had to go to the community center to meet up with the person who hit and ran my car the previous week. This stuffed beaver was too much for us. In this photo she is telling me about how the beaver is dead. 

Project 52 - Week 44

We took a weekend trip to the Washington Coast and stayed in this great little hotel. It was made for photos!

Project 52 - Week 45

I love watching the girls bother Scott when he is trying to sleep. It's a highlight for me. 
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