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Week in Review - 1.28.17

It's been a rough week. Not because of anything personally but because I'm having a hard time processing the new administration. It's been 7 days and I'm emotionally outraged and drained. Scott and I have been talking a lot about where to put our charitable funds and volunteer efforts. 



Exercise was great this week. I went to SoulCycle on Sunday which was fun. It's a bit too far away to be a consistent workout for me though. The current location is in Bellevue which is a 30 minute drive with no traffic and at least 45 minutes with traffic. I went to boot camp three times and took two Barre3 classes which puts me at 22 workouts for the year. 



Food has been a power struggle with the kids lately. In an attempt to amuse myself, I've started taking pictures of the meals they've rejected and posting them on Instagram. I have been vastly amusing to myself and others seem to be getting a kick out of it too. I've put the whole series on Flickr
Rejected Lunch

I ordered from Acme Farms + Kitchen again this week. I got a salad kid, a mini ready meal, a basics pack and some Oat Pancake mix. All of it has been delicious! 


I neglected to mention this really cool smoothie pack that I got from Metropolitan Market last week. They sent me their new Smoothie fruit mix, Ellenos yogurt, Almond milk and a protein pack (which I used and didn't photograph so my usual protein powder is stepping in here). Maggie has been digging smoothies so I've been making them a lot more. I love how filling they are as an afternoon snack. I've been making some for after my boot camp workouts. I make them the night before and put them in the freezer. Then I leave them in the car during my workout and they are ready to drink by the time I'm done. Yum! 

The Girls


Maggie had her 36 month screening done at Parent Trust and was deemed awesome. I've been taking the girls for developmental screenings since birth and have been reassured many times. The screening did help catch Molly's slight speech delay and then we were able to get quickly up to speed. 

Otherwise it was a pretty regular week for us. Molly asked for an at-home day on Friday so we hung around the house which was actually pretty nice. They destroyed the den and I got the living room purged. I'm on a big "Get Rid of Clutter" kick right now. 

Other Goings On


It's been rainy and cold around here so I haven't been the best about cleaning out the chicken coop. In the winter, they like to nestle up in their laying boxes which means they quickly fill with chicken poop. I never worry though because they aren't laying eggs. Well....they started laying eggs again over a week ago but not in their boxes. They built a nest in the clean part of their coop which I discovered when I went out to do a massive coop clean out. So now I'm battling with the chickens to start laying in their boxes again and hoping they haven't gotten a taste for chicken eggs. 


Last Saturday, we joined the Womxn's March in Seattle. It was profoundly moving and something I'm so glad that we did with the girls. I wanted to show them that you fight for what you believe in. While I know I'll be joining in more protests and making more noise, I'm not sure that we'll be including them in every protest. However, I will be teaching them how to speak up for what you believe in.

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