Saturday, March 11, 2017

Week in Review 3.11.17


The week after vacation is almost as hard as the week before vacation. I've spent most of it catching up with obligations and work, putting the house back in order with many loads of laundry, grocery shopping and so much planning. 



I got in 6 workouts this week - four boot camps, one Disneyland walking session and one barre3 class. Last week I got in 4 workouts - two Disneyland walking sessions (these were like 20,000 steps), one bootcamp and one yoga class. I'm at
 50 workouts for the year!



One our trip, I finished reading Dinner: The Playbook and it reminded me that I do love making dinner even if most of it is rejected by those I love. This week I made such delicious dinners. We had Salmon with Green Beans, Chorizo Tacos, Veggie-Loaded Fried Rice, and Buttermilk Herb Baked Chicken Tenders. So good! We ate a ton more vegetables (ok, more were offered and I ate more but I can't confirm that the kids ate more). 

The Girls


We spent most of the week getting back into a routine after vacation. Scott was also away on a business trip and that added a twist. On Wednesday, I volunteered in Maggie's classroom for the International Day of Women so her female teachers could strike. It was actually a lot of fun! On Friday, the girls modeled for a magazine I write for, Seattle's Child. They needed children for another writer's story on Pike Place Market and my kids were up for the challenge. As a bonus, I got to meet our photographer which put a face with the emails. 

Other Goings On


I'm still on a reading binge which translates to a book buying and library borrowing binge. I've actually been watching way less television so I can read, read, read. My Year of Creativity group is also helping with the reading since each month's lessons have book and essay suggestions. Some of the essays have brought me to beautiful tears this month. I've been reading this one, over and over again. 

Stories Published

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