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Week in Review 3.18.17

I did not handle Daylight Savings time very well last week. Combined with the grey, un-ending rain, I was an exhausted mess. I limped through the days and decided to give myself some much needed TLC this weekend. We had a weekend without any plans and few items on our to-do list. So this post may be a day late but it isn't a dollar short!



I got in 5 workouts last week, mainly because I did two workouts on Saturday. I made it to four boot camp sessions and then took Molly to a free FitBit Local yoga session hosted by Obsessed by Portia. I've been a fan of Portia's work for awhile but only recently met her in person at a media event. She's the nicest person and has a sweet puppy that I want to steal. I was excited when I heard about the yoga event and when Molly asked to hang with me, I decided to bring her along. She wasn't interested in the yoga but claimed that she had a good time. I was thrilled to get five workouts in since I cancelled two workouts earlier in the week so I could sleep. Sometimes it is best to choose sleep over exercise. 


Peanut Sauce Tofu with Rice

I made an amazing veggie tofu peanut sauce stir-fry for dinner on Friday that I need to replicate so I can share the recipe. It was amazing and Scott didn't even know he was eating butternut squash! I went back for seconds and only held off on thirds because I was so full! 


I posted my recipe for Opal Apple Bars on Tuesday. Maggie helped me test them and enjoyed the taste testing portion the most. I liked pretending that they were perfectly ok for breakfast due to the apples and oats! 

The Girls


On Friday, we took Mel-B to the vet for our Peaceful Preschool field trip. Molly was super excited because she wants to be a vet. While a bit traumatic for Mel-B, it actually made her a little less scared of the girls. They were very sweet with her in the vet room while she was having her examination. Maggie did her best to not screech but since she only has a volume of 12, it was tough for her. 


Last week on the way home from church, Molly started crying that she was never going to be smart because she didn't know how to read. I reassured her that she was smart and that if she wanted to read, then I'd be more than happy to teach her. I got a book called, Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons per a recommendation from my uber fabulous hair dresser (who has kids of similar age). I also picked up some BOB: Beginning Reader Books for her to compliment our lessons. She is loving our time together and really working hard to learn to read. Last night she read her first book to Scott and she was so excited. I love watching her learn. 

Other Goings On


Earlier this week, I headed out to take photos with a friend for a story I'm doing. We were hanging out in the park when some ladies asked us if we were looking for a dog. They had found one on their walk and were going to leave it at the park. I couldn't let that happen so we borrowed their leash and took the dog to the vet where we were able to get him back to his owners. He was such a good dog and it was fun to pretend that I had a dog for a few moments. 

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