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Week in Review 3.25.17

Yellow Bowl

This week was a bit better than last week. I had some blood work done which included having my Vitamin D levels tested and it turns out there is a reason for my fatigue! I have low Vitamin D so I'm on a 8,000i.u. regime for two months and then I'll go back to 2000i.u. a day. This might also explain my thinning hair concerns. Hopefully I'll be back to feeling more energized with more hair soon! I'm pretty happy to have a reason for feeling exhausted other than I have children because that excuse is getting old.



Even though Scott was out of town this week, I still got in four good workouts. I did two boot camps, 1 barre3 and 1 yoga class. I've gotten a good system down for when he is gone and I'm figuring out which gyms have childcare. I'm still on the fence about my Classpass but I really used it this week. I'm at 59 workouts for the year. 



I've been feeling more inspired to get into the kitchen and cook! I love to cook but having to provide three meals a day, everyday starts to wear on a person. Even a chef doesn't want to cook every single meal. However, my joy for cooking has been coming back and I think part of it is that I've been simplifying. Instead of making fish tacos, I made fish stick tacos this week (we've been making them for about a month and are obsessed!). Instead of buying whole veggies and cutting them up, I've been buying precut vegetables. Yes, it costs a bit more and is a little less fresh BUT it means I'm eating more vegetables and that my friends is HUGE! 


I made Salads in Jars this week for lunches and I'm planning on doing the same again this week. I got a lot of questions about it too so I'm planning a post about meal planning and salads in jars soon. Having my lunches pre-prepped for the week meant that I ate so well. I literally would pull a jar out of the fridge, grab a bowl and dump the salad in it. Then I'd stir it up to coat everything in dressing and dig in. I love it when lunch takes me 2 minutes to prepare. 

The Girls


We returned to swim this week and it was awesome! The girls are both avid swimmers who can't wait for swim class. Molly currently takes two swim classes a week - one with me and one with her preschool while Maggie only takes one. I've offered to sign Maggie up for a second one but she has opinions about swimming when her sister swims only. 


Since Scott was out of town at the beginning of the week, we mixed things up. I kept dinners really simple and we even went out to dinner with a friend one night. The girls were quite amp'd up all week and then Maggie got sick on Wednesday night. She's been moping around telling me that she does not feel good. Poor baby! 

Other Goings On

This week was both busy and slow. I'm on the preschool auction committee and the auction is tonight so I've been busy helping with last minute items. I sold raffle tickets on Tuesday and worked on the program. Now onto the centerpieces! 

I feel behind on my goals for the year so I've made some solid plans for next week to work on them along with pitching a few new publications. I have ideas swirling in my head and I need to take action on them.

Our family is also on the hunt for a kitten. Mel-B needs some animal companionship and the kids need a pet they can take care of. Oh I know this means more work for me but really one cat, two cat - they are about the same amount of work. We've been missing a second cat since Kato passed. We met a cat on Friday night but unfortunately he was not the cat for us. 

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