Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Monthly Goal Check-in (August)


August was the month of Lewis the Kitten, Swimming and soaking up all Summer had to offer us! 

2017 Goals

1. Workout 217 times in 2017 - I worked out 20 times in August. I'm at 158 workouts with 59 more workouts to complete this year. I'll need to complete 3.6 workouts a week for the rest of the year to complete this goal. Totally do-able! 

2. Participate in the Year of Creativity -  This month was all about slow! We were assigned the task of working on an essay for the entire month. One of my goals was to submit an essay to Coffee + Crumbs and I used this assignment to get that essay done. I worked on it until the last minute of August 31st before submitting it. 

3. Shoot one roll of film a month - I shot film with my Instax camera this month and had so much fun doing so. You can see my August Film here.

4. Complete TKGA Master Knitting Level I - I made up my plan for the coming months and worked on some research. I plan to really tackle this once the girls are in more school in a few weeks. 

5. Finish my Miter Square Blanket - I neglected to work on my blanket this month as seriously it was too hot to knit. I hope the cooling fall can inspire me to knit more. 

6. Read 52 books. - I read 4 books this month. This means I have 16 books to read this year and 36 under my belt. I did not complete Book Bingo but plan to finish the remaining 6 on my list. I just couldn't get myself to read faster and kinda hated all the books I read this month. 

7. Finish up various House Projects - I tackled a lot of home projects this month! I planned out my painting projects and painted the back patio and re-did both entry banisters. I also cleared out a bunch of clutter with The Minimalist Game. I also cleaned out the linen closet and pantry. I feel like I made a lot of progress on this front. 

8. Catch up on my yearly photo books of the girls - I'm almost done gathering the images and then plan to make the books. I'm not sure if I should use chatbooks or shutterfly or something else. I need to make a decision here. 

9. Become more politically active and work to be the change in my community. 

10. Learn how to make a really good stock 

Bonus Goal: Grow two new crops in my garden and add some chickens to my flock. 

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