Monday, February 16, 2004
Rain, Running and Knitting

I've been dogsitting Zubin again and we've been having a grand time. Saturday we went for an 8-mile run. This time it was a bit easier since we went with a friend who is a beginner runner. She's doing great and I can't wait to see her complete the Vancouver 1/2 Marathon which coincidentally falls on her 30th birthday. So on the day that she enters her 3rd decade, she'll prove to herself that she is crazy by running 13.1 miles. I can't wait!

Our run on Saturday was quite pretty. It started at Greenlake and went down to Gasworks park along the Burke Gilman before cutting through the University of Washington (so many stairs) and ending along Ravenna.

I was just reading Stella's Blog and I was chuffed to see that my running inspired her to go to the gym! Yea for us! Excercise can be such a mood lifter but then again one does need to know when to rest. Too much of anything can make one cranky!

Since I ran on Saturday, I took Sunday off and knit on some UFO's. I worked on a Baby hat made with Cascade Fixation. It's so cute but it's on the tiniest needles (2's) and so I have to have patience with this project. I'm going to love the finished product and I think I know which baby will get this. One of the ladies in my running group just had a baby so the hat will be perfect for the little one on our runs. I also sorted through some of my other UFO's and will be tackling those in short order.

Today I planned to do a quick 30 minute jog with Zubin. He was so looking forward to it. In fact, right now he's sitting at the door wanting to go out again. Well we headed outside and it was POURING down rain! Then the wind kicked in and after 15 minutes of sideways rain which drenched me, I decided to pack it up and head back home. We did 25 minutes but it was miserable. I'm just glad it is done and the shower afterwards was heavenly.

Now I'm going to enjoy this holiday (ok so everyday is a holiday for me) by reading a trashy romance novel and watching some decorating shows. Ahhhh, so nice.

Sorry no pictures today, I'm at a friend's house and I don't have my pictures with me!

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