Monday, February 23, 2004
Madly Knitting, Madly Running

Saturday awoke as a bright, crisp sunny day. It was also the day of my 10-mile run. Such a perfect day! Such a great run! Well 9 miles of it was fantastic. That last mile almost did me in. The chant in my head became a drone of "almost there, almost there, almost there" as I rounded Greenlake. A Venti (HUGE!) Soy Chai was my reward. The smooth velvet taste did wonders for me. This Friday is my 8-mile run. Then I'm off to Hawaii to work at a conference for a week!

This weekend I also finished the Hot Water Bottle Cozy and started a second one. I want one with more stripes! I should have thought ahead on the first one but now I'll have different cozies! I also whipped up a gear shift cover replacement for Zubin's mom. When Julie first got Zubin, he chewed on her gear stick (is that what they are called) and left it a bit rough. She put a glove over the handle and decided to handle the situation but then her car was broken into and all they took was the glove and a bottle of bleach! Crazy thieves? While we were running one day she mentioned the burglary to me and I thought of making her a gear stick cover. Well that was about a year ago and the cover is getting sun bleached and old. Time for a new one! I love making these because they make me laugh and are actually quite useful. I could see using one if you live in a cold place and park outside, sorta like a steering wheel cover!

I'll have pictures of both really soon. I need to take photos of my lovely creations!

Now I need to go and think about Hawaii and my stripey Hot Water Bottle Cozy! I'll leave you with a picture of Brugge from my trip last March.

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