Friday, April 09, 2004
Yoga Bagging

I shouldn't be allowed to sit quietly. I come up with too many projects to do BUT I did have fun with this one!

And here is a close-up off the bottom in a complementary fabric:

I still need to add some grommets (I love that word!) to the top and a pretty ribbon to cinch it shut but otherwise this bag is ready for some yoga! Now I just need to get myself ready for some Yoga! I do want to thank Fig and Plum Pudding the inspiration!

In addition to some sewing, I also did some ripping today.


Has become this

I just didn’t love how the scarf was coming out. I think I’ll re-commission the ribbon yarn into a purse with a nice lining and maybe a cute button. The yarn could be used to make a light, springy purse. I do love the yarn but I think it’s going to need to marinate for a bit before it evolves.
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