Thursday, June 01, 2006
The Story of a Sweater that Almost Broke My Heart

Last year I knit Sitcom Chic and I loved it. I almost ran out of yarn and I was able to buy more on Ebay, which of course meant that I now had too much yarn. So to rectify this situation, I decided to knit a tank for underneath the sweater. I did not measure, I did not swatch. I just cast on the pattern's largest size and began knitting. At no point did I realize that this size would not fit me, EVER!

I had no concerns in the world. I knit and knit and was quite happy. There was joy in the land because the sweater was knitting up so FAST and so PRETTILY. Ahhh, these were the days that one loved the knitting. So I finished up the sweater and I seamed the seams and I crocheted the neck.

Then disaster, I tried on the sweater. It clawed at my neck. It suffocated my chest. I ripped the sweater off and called Mot. In the meantime, I promised the sweater to Carrie but after having Mot try it on and it not fitting her either, I'm a concerned knitter. I will find the right person for this sweater for it is quite lovely.

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