Friday, January 12, 2007
I thought I liked the cold

Seattle has been sucker punched with yet another snow/ice storm! On Wednesday night, the snow started falling and Seattle ground to a halt.

I had taken the bus to work on Wednesday but was really looking forward to going to the gym. That plan was sidetracked when I arrived at the Park and Ride and noticed that my car was covered in about 5 inches of snow. I brushed the snow off, scrapped my windshield and drove two mile home. It was starting to get a bit slick out there so I parked at the house and went in to change into my "soft" clothes.

Thursday morning I awoke to a Winter Wonderland complete with snow and ice. Normally I wouldn't freak out but I was starting a dog sitting gig Thursday night and so the situation was a bit tricker. I decided that I would pack enough for one night and take the bus to work and then take the bus to the dog sitting house. I headed down to the Park and Ride with my Dad but after waiting for 20 minutes we decided to drive in.

It was a lovely drive since the roads were empty and I wasn't the one driving. After work, he picked me up and dropped me off at the dog's house. I took them for a walk in the bitter cold which they seemed to like.

Then I decided to order a Cheese Pizza and some Cinnamon Sticks. They told me the wait was an hour and a half which was fine by me (I called early since I knew it would be forever). However when my pizza arrived, I received two pizzas (one meat lovers and the other hawaiian and cheese sticks. I took them though since I was hungry, it was busy and quite icey (I could hear cars all night trying to make it up the hill).

After scarfing some pizza, I sat down to knit on my sock (the only knitting I had with me)

I watched Ugly Betty and knit along on my sock.

I watch Grey's and knit along on my sock.

Now my goal is for the sock to be finished by the end of the weekend. I think I can do it. I'm already on the foot part!

My other goal is to get my car from my house in Bothell. Yep, it helps to have goals!
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