Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Allure of the Simple Sock

Sock heels

Back in May before I headed to Hawaii, I pulled out some Socks that Rock in the colorway "Carbon Dating" and cast on for a simple ribbed sock. A simple cable that did not work! After debating for awhile and placing the partially knitted sock into knitting jail, I ribbed it out one evening while waiting for the bus.

Knitting the foot

I then cast on for a simple sock. Just a basic twisted rib for 12 rows and then some st st for many many rows. I've been toting these socks along with me on many bus rides to and from work and slowly they've been growing. I'm now on the foot of the second sock which signals a new pair of warm socks for my cold feet that are trying hard to adjust to the idea of winter.

Simple Simple Socks

It is silly though how I believe that once I turn the heel on a pair of socks that I am nearly done when in actuality, I still have about half a sock to knit!
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