Saturday, October 04, 2008

Meg and The Very Bad, Mis-Understood Sweater

Meg Counts

My friend, Meg is working on the February Baby Sweater by Elizabeth Zimmerman. She's been having a few communication issues with the sweater and has had to rip it out more than she's knit on it. She recently emailed me to ask for some advice since I recently finished one of these little guys.

I told her it was time to swatch! I swear I heard her groan across town. If there is one thing that Meg is not fond of, it is swatching. She agreed though and I told her that in solidarity of the swatching, I would do one too.

Swatch Boken

I had a secret agenda with this swatch though. I'm planning on making the February Lady Sweater and I wanted to see what the gull lace pattern would look like in my chosen yarn. Pretty, Pretty!

After knitting up my swatch, I sent a picture to Meg who reported back that she was having some problems with her YOs. I knew this meant that we would need to meet up face to face.

Perfect Afternoon

We agreed to meet this Saturday to run a few errands and knit together. Meg showed me how she did YOs and well, it was interesting. It wasn't quite a YO but it was a nice stitch nonetheless. I showed her what a YO should look like and how it was made. Meg did some practicing with the stitch and exclaimed that she understood it now!

Meg, the YO Queen

And then because this sweater wouldn't be happy unless Meg ripped out some of it again, it was ripped back. She started again and this time I think the sweater and her will have a bright future. They were just having some communication issues as all couples do from time to time and needed some counseling from an outside source.
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