Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach Through Sunglasses

For my SIL's (sister-in-law) birthday she asked us to go to Cannon Beach for a weekend getaway. We found a house to rent and prayed for good weather. I told Scott to bring some things to keep him occupied because I envisioned a rainy weekend stuck in a house without a TV staring at my family. And oh wouldn't that be just so much fun! Me, I packed lots and lots of knitting.

Hug Point

Instead of rain, we were rewarded with an amazing weekend of sun and scenery. I couldn't stop taking photos and was thrilled with the weather.

Beach Grass

The only downside to the weekend was that I didn't do as much knitting as I wanted but I did finish knitting my Simple Socks!


Happy Birthday SIL! I hope you had a fun weekend too!
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