Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The Making of a Living Room

Since I moved in with Scott, we've been struggling with how to decorate our living room. One thing we knew for certain was that the fouton had to go. It's lumpy and old and if you sit on it too long, your bum goes numb!


And so we began the couch hunt which wasn't as big of a hunt as we thought it might be since we both quickly agreed that the Hennessy Sofa from Crate and Barrel was perfect for us. Except we didn't like the fabric BUT we were able to select a nice taupe microfiber for the piece which we've been told is pet-friendly.

So the couch was ordered after massive measurement of the building's stairwell and while I feel confident the sofa will fit up the stairs, Scott is holding his breath until the couch is inside our condo. We ordered it over Labor Day weekend and they told us it would be 9-11 weeks before we received it. Looks like Scott will need to hold his breath for another 5-7 weeks.


We still needed a few pieces to tie the room together and so I went on the hunt for two ottomans that could also be used as coffee tables and extra storage. I found the perfect ones on Target. I ordered two of them today and I hope they work for us.

Cole Bench

And to finish it off, we'll have the Cole Bench from Crate and Barrel placed under the bay window. I'm considering baskets for the bench but that is for phase two of the Living Room Re-do Plan.

Then we'll focus on accessories, pillows and photos. I have a vague idea forming about putting up some of our photos behind the couch in a photo collage but it needs some fleshing out.
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