Friday, November 28, 2008

Skillet Time

Skillet Trailer

Scott LOVES The Skillet and often talks about having lunch there. Unfortunately the location doesn't always work for us BUT today our schedule and the Skillet location worked out for us!

Day 346 (346/366): Skillet Time

We headed out on a Skillet hunt on the way to pick up my race packet. Yes, I'm running the Seattle Half Marathon on Sunday because I'm insane and it will probably be more of a stumble than a run.


The menu at Skillet was short but filled with delicious food choices. I quickly selected the burger and requested poutine fries on the side. Scott ordered the same.



Seriously it was so good! I can't wait to go back again and now I know why Scott talks about it ALL the FRICKIN' TIME!

The Burger with Poutine

Skillet Street Food
Hours, Locations and Menus can be found on the Skillet Website.
From the Skillet Street Food Website, the concept: "We buy old Airstream Trailers, and outfit them so that they have a full commercial kitchen. We then go out to local office parks, events, farmers markets and provide impeccably executed and seasonably relevant bistro style food. Our market is people who really like food, and who appreciate food. Our goal is seattle first, the west coast/world second."
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