Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Yes, We Can! Yes, We Did!

Day 322 (322/366): Today It Is Official! President Obama, I like the sound of it.

This election year was historic. The polls were crowded, the people's voices were heard and last night, my countrymen elected Obama into office. I sat there last night listening to his acceptance speech and now I hope he doesn't make me cry every time I hear one of his speeches but it was an amazing speech. A speech of unity, power and most importantly, HOPE.

One of the kids at the election party I attended asked his Mom which was more important, this election or the Olympics. All of the adults shouted, "This Election!" and then we told him why it was so important. I hope he can tell his kid's about this historic day when he is my age. A day that brought hope back to America, hope that we really need.
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