Monday, November 03, 2008

Today is Definitely a Monday

August 14, 2007
A view from the Aurora Bridge, taken last year

I woke up to the drenching rain but I still decided took the bus because it is actually faster than driving when it is raining like it was this morning. As I leave, Scott gets up and complains about the helicopter overhead. I ponder what that means since we don't usually have helicopters overhead.

I walk briskly to my bus stop which is on the other side of the Fremont Bridge. As I approach Fremont Avenue, a policecar shoots past with its lights on. I begin to wonder if I am walking into something bad.

I notice that on the Aurora bridge that there are about 4 fire trucks, 3 ambulances, the Morgue bus and lots of people. Down below the Fremont bridge is the Police boat and lots of police cars.

I can see a blue something on the side of the bridget but decide that someone has unfortunately jumped. I hear later that he had not jumped at that time but did later. I also heard that he died. It's sad to hear of someone taking their life in such a way. I hear of the jumper's fate from the Seattle Times.

There has been talk of installing a fence on the bridge to prevent these deaths. I can only hope this death speeds up that process.

By the time I got to work, I was also soaked and quite cold.
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