Sunday, June 07, 2009

Home Sweet Home

YIP.147 Stardust Motel

We're home from an amazing week of road-tripping to Yellowstone and back again. We started out with much excitement and had great adventures along the way. We sure missed technology and swore to always travel with our laptops in the future.

T-Rex (aka Awesomesaurus) & YIP.146

I ended up with a touch of food poisoning (damn that terrible food in the Park, no seriously just eat the ice cream, it's safer), Scott got to see so many animals in the wild that I think it blew his mind and in the end I got to take my love to Yellowstone where I showed him my heart. Yellowstone really is the home of my heart, the place I keep hopes and dreams, a place of wonder for me. It was pretty awesome sharing that with Scott. I think he may have left part of his heart there too.

The Shores of Lake Jackson in The Grand Tetons

I'll be posting pictures to Flickr all week and sharing our vacation stories on the blog.

Now it's time to prepare for re-entry into the real world. I'm not sure that I'm quite ready to yet to give up on the vacation world though.
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