Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dining Room Re-deux

Along with finishing up the laundry room, I've also recently finished re-doing our dining room. It's been suggested that before photos make these decor posts much more fun, so without further adieu, here are the "before" photos from the real estate brochure.

North Ballard House 4 (2)

North Ballard House 5 (2)

Of course when we moved in, the furniture was gone and we were left with bare green walls, a cool chandelier and these great wood floors. Our inspector told us that the wood floor was probably original as it is top nailed oak flooring which was common in 1948 when the house was built.

Dining Room 1

The first thing I did was paint one of the walls a dark purple (Martha Stewart Chianti) and painted the other walls a sightly different shade of green (Martha Stewart Oolong Tea). I had to repaint all the walls as there were dings and holes from the previous owners. Also a nice fresh coat of paint always helps a room feel great.

Dining Room 3

The next step was to order furniture! I found this great table and buffet at Dania. It's a mango wood table and the chairs are extremely comfortable. We were a bit shocked as to how expensive chairs are. The six chairs were more expensive than the table. We're thrilled with our selection though.

Dining Room 2

Once the furniture was in and the walls were painted, I moved onto the part of decorating that really excites me, accessories. I had previously knit some fun ice cream cones and cupcakes and decided to pair them with some glass cloches I had.

Dining Room 4

I also stacked my cake stands which helps serve as a storage solution and a decor piece. Then to balance out the buffet, I placed a green pitcher on the other end. Scott and I received this pitcher as a wedding gift and we love it! It's a great color!

Dining Room 7

Finally we hung some photos and I placed owls throughout the room. The photos were all related to our European honeymoon. We placed my favorite Kittenkabinet poster from Amsterdam at the head of the table and put photos from our honeymoon above the buffet.

Dining Room 12

The final, final piece was finding curtains that worked with this room, ones that were pretty but also let in light. We live in Seattle so blocking out any available light is never a good decision. I found the perfect curtains at Anthropologie.

Dining Room 11

We've used this room quite a bit since finishing it. We entertain, we eat breakfast and the cats chase each other under the table. It's a great room and one that was fun to decorate.

Dining Room 6

Dining Room 8

Dining Room 10

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