Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Love Scarf

Love Scarf Matya

Back in December, I asked my best friend what she wanted for Christmas while also telling her that she couldn't ask for world peace or a donation to some organization. I also told her that I would be happy to make a donation in her name BUT I was also going to give her an actual present, one that would hopefully make her happy.

Love Scarf

My best friend though is quite sassy and asked for world peace and love. She said she wanted love and that was that. I told her that I love her to which she replied that she appreciated my love but wanted romantic love.

Love Scarf Ends

Now that is a gift I know I can't provide so I thought and thought. Then I decided well if I couldn't snap my fingers and give her romantic love, I could knit her something and while knitting it, knit all the love I could into it.

Love Scarf Lace

Scott accompanied me to the yarn store where we found a yarn that reminded us of my best friend. Scott made the final selection based on how soft the yarn was. I bought three skeins and hurried home to figure out what I was going to knit. I searched Ravelry high and low until I found a wonderful pattern, the Strangling Vine Lace Scarf.

Love Scarf Folded

I knit and knit away on the Love Scarf for her. I knit until all the love I had was knit into the scarf. I've not given her the scarf yet as she's off traveling in India but I'm very excited to give her this present. I do hope that she feels all of the love that has been knit into it for her.

Love Scarf for Motty

Ravlery Details: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/ReeBeckiSupergrl/strangling-vine-lace-scarf

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