Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Day 3 of a New Year Cleanse

Day Three started out with much promise. I munched on the leftover Warm & Nutty Quinoa from yesterday, packed my bag for the gym and headed to work.


At work, I took a break for lunch and ate the leftover Black-Eyed Pea Curry from last night's dinner. I kept plugging away at work (we have a huge project going on) and took a quick break for some Edamame Hummus with Veggies.

Shortly thereafter, I felt ill. Like nausea ill. I sat still for awhile and still the feeling did not pass. I decided to head to the bathroom and ended up throwing up (I know! GROSS!)

Let's just say after that, I was no longer interested in this cleanse even though I'm not even sure that it made me ill. I do know that it will be a long time before I consume another soy bean, blended or not.


My co-worker brought me a pumpkin cookie bar. She said that she gave pumpkin to her dogs when they felt ill and knew it would make me feel better. Strangely enough it did. I think it was the fresh sugar!

Dinner was supposed to be Koya Dofu and Vegetables but I couldn't bring myself to make it. Instead Scott picked up some Chicken Teriyaki. The rice really helped settle my stomach.

Tomorrow I'll start back on the cleanse and hopefully I'll feel ok. If not, then I am quitting. Oh and tomorrow I will go to yoga. I really, really wanted to go to the gym today but my queasy stomach was not willing to go.

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