Thursday, January 06, 2011

Long Live the Cleanse...The Cleanse is Dead

I started out this week with hope and excitement about the The Food Lover's Cleanse from Bon Appetit. And I do have to say it has worked exceptionally well so far. However, I have decided to end the cleanse.

B is for Beans

I will take the lessons I've learned and apply them to my daily eating regime. I've learned that eating a ton of veggies, limiting your dairy and animal meat and enjoying whole grains are the key to a healthy lifestyle.

J is for Jalapeno Pepper

I've lost 3 pounds so far but that might be due to throwing up on Tuesday and barely eating yesterday since I still felt nausea. My other issue with the prescribed cleanse is the cost of the food but on the plus side, I now have a huge spice cabinet full of flavor.


Scott has rejoiced in the news that we're going off the cleanse. He was never that fond of it but I do know that he enjoyed some of the meals. Speaking of the meals, there are ones that I will be making again. The Salmon in Bengali Mustard Sauce was divine and the Ultimate Winter Couscous haunts my dreams.

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