Monday, June 16, 2014

Twenty Five Weeks with Chicken Nugget


It was a good, regular week for Maggie. She tried a new food, spinach and liked it. We ran errands together on Tuesday while Molly played at a friend's house. She did wake up at 3 a.m. a few times this week which is so unlike Maggie. Once I fed her, she went back to sleep so I suspect a growth spurt. That or my days of sleeping through the night are over. Dear Sleep Gods, I honor and respect you and your mighty ways. 


We spent some good time at the Zoo this week just the three of us. We love going with friends but it was nice to just go where Molly wanted to go and take time to show Maggie some of the fun animals. I think she liked the gorillas a lot. 


We also hit up the beach on Friday afternoon and Maggie got to dig her toes in the sand. I suspect she is going to be a sand lover like her sister. Maggie is also becoming super grabby and nothing is safe within her reach. She's also sitting up pretty much all on her own and has figured out how to go from sitting to her tummy on purpose. Up until this week, whenever that happened, it was a fluke due to her big head. 

Maggie also got to meet her Great Grandma Helen on Saturday along with her Great Aunt and Cousin. Some of Scott's family were nearby so we were able to meet up for lunch. Maggie was passed around and loved on by all of her family. 
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