Saturday, June 07, 2014

Twenty Four Weeks with Chicken Nugget

Maggie - 24 Weeks

We started out the week strong with Maggie's Baptism which was a wonderful family celebration. The weather has been wonderful so the girls and I have taken a few walks in the Double BOB (a friend recently gave us her old one) to the park. Maggie took quite the snooze in the stroller while Molly and I played at the park on Tuesday. 


Grandma and Grandpa came over on Wednesday to watch Maggie while Molly and I went to co-op. She timed her poopy diaper so that she was done right as I walked in the door. My Dad presented me with Maggie and her special gift and a big grin. He was happy to dodge that bullet. 


Maggie has been busy working on grabbing her feet, thinking about rolling from her back to her front and trying out apples. Molly was thrilled when I gave her applesauce. I seriously have not seen her get so excited about anything else, ever. Maggie - just you wait, there are so many awesome foods out there. 


The week started to slide downhill with another bout of mastitis hitting me on Thursday.  Maggie was very accommodating while I was sick again. BUT then the week swung back to awesome with early Father's Day celebration with my father on Friday and the arrival of my best friend. We hosted a BBQ at our house on Saturday and spent the day enjoying the beautiful 70 degree weather. Maggie enjoyed meeting my friend's husband and loved playing with my friend. It has been a great weekend so far. 
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