Thursday, June 05, 2014



Last Sunday, we had Maggie baptized. It was a wonderful ceremony and everyone (i.e. Molly) was so well behaved. Maggie didn't even cry when the pastor poured water on her head and then carried her around the congregation for their blessing.


I was mainly thrilled that I had finished Maggie's baptism gown in time. In the nick of time, in fact. I finished her dress on Saturday night at 11 p.m. I made the same gown for Maggie that I did for Molly with a few changes.  I hope that both my girls can pass along their baptism gowns to their kids. I'm already dreaming of being a grandma. I hear it is a lot of fun! Until then I think I'll enjoy every day that I have with my little family as they sure are cute!


Maggie was excellent in church. She slept on me. She slept on her Granny Annie. She slept on Scott. It was certainly easier than when we had Molly baptized when she was 15 months. I highly suggest having one's children baptized when they are still too wee to get in trouble.


After the ceremony, the whole family headed out to brunch. It was a delight having my brother, his wife and kid along with my parents and Scott's parents together to celebrate Maggie.
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