Monday, November 24, 2014

36 Months with Molly Pop!

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Photo Credit: Sweet Peeks Photography
Dear Molly,

Today you are THREE YEARS OLD! It's so exciting and you have changed so much since my last letter to you. In the past six months, you've started talking better, learned how to use the potty, visited Hawaii, lost your Poppa (Grandpa), become the best Big Sister ever, started gymnastics and have continued to be the most Amazing Molly Pop


In the past few weeks, you've conquered potty training and are quite the champ. Maybe you'll potty train Maggie when the time comes? Your many play dates now include some dual potty sitting time with your friends. It is hilarious to see you and your friends sitting on the potty, talking to each other. 


We had your birthday party at the Zoo this past weekend and you had a blast! You requested a Unicorn theme so I went with a Rainbow Unicorn theme. I even made you a Rainbow Unicorn cake! I may have reached my birthday cake pinnacle. 




We made rainbow play dough together and gave them to your friends as party favors. I've heard reports that your guests have been busy playing with the party favor all day. 


You've been going to Co-Op preschool two days a week. I drop you off one day and stay with you on the other. You LOVE it! Next year we plan to have you go to a drop off preschool, four days a week. I suspect that you'll have a grand time. 


You started speech therapy in June and you are doing gang-busters. We can finally understand you and that has helped so much with everyone's frustration levels. You love seeing Miss Deanna every Monday and I think she enjoys spending time with you. 


Earlier this month, we went to Hawaii which you loved! You had so much fun and it was a pretty great trip. We spent a lot of time in the pool, on the beach and explored a lot of Maui. 


The day before we left for Maui, was Halloween! You went as a Mermaid and Maggie as your sidekick, a Crab. You loved your costume and wore it most of the time we were in Hawaii. 


We also did our annual Pumpkin Patch visit with Ruby. You guys have grown so much in the past few years. I'm glad that you two are friends and that we have this little tradition going on. 


My friends visited from England in October and you were smitten with them. I can't say I blame you as I'm quite smitten with them too. We took them to Mt. Rainier, showed them around town and had a blast. 


You also started Gymnastics with your BFF, Norah and you LOVE it! I wasn't sure about the cost but I'm so glad that we signed you up. You are having so much fun and gaining so much skill. 


You are quite the little TV addict and your Dad and I are working to reduce your screen time. You love watching Sofia the First, Umizoomi, Super Why, Dora the Explorer and anything with Mermaids. Due to the chaotic nature of these past few months, I've been letting you watch more tv than you should but we're getting back on track. Some is ok, A lot is not. 


Oh Molly Pop, you are a joy to Mother. We love you so much even when you don't sleep and try to keep the entire household up all night. We have seen a glimpse of three and it scares us. We love you so, so, so very much and are so lucky to have you in our family. 

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