Sunday, November 02, 2014

Forty Five Weeks with Chicken Nugget

Maggie - 45 Weeks

This week's update comes from Hawaii! We had a busy, busy, busy week with Halloween, Co-op Pumpkin Night all while I was attempting to pack for our vacation to Hawaii. Honestly, we all need this week of relaxation.

sleeping baby

You did ok on your very first plane ride! You didn't sleep nearly as much as you needed to especially since you were up half the night before and I had to wake you early for the plane ride. You wanted to walk up and down the aisles while staring at people. You weren't happy being confined to a lap but did way better than your sister who threw such a fit that she puked. Let's try not to repeat that plane ride on the way home.



For Halloween, I dressed you up as a Crab to complement your sister's Mermaid costume. It was adorable! We hit up Daddy's work for some Trick or Treating fun. Then we came home and had pizza while I ran around packing up the final bits for our trip. 

You had a blast at Pumpkin Night at your sister's co-op! I think you are already getting excited about going to school there next Fall. You especially loved riding on the rocking horses. 


We also had family portraits done by my friend, Kelsey of Sweet Peeks Photography. You were so good and we got some really cute shots! I'm so excited to show them off!

Photo credit: Sweet Peeks Photography 

Photo credit: Sweet Peeks Photography 
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