Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving Day


Today I hosted Thanksgiving for 13 people and my heart is full. Family and friends gathered to share the fruit of my labors (because I'm the Thanksgiving Hostess that refuses to let people bring things), enjoy time together and celebrate the day.


The food was awesome (ok the gravy was an utter fail!), the company was delightful and the kids had so much fun that all of them are passed out asleep. The food that took me days to make was excitedly consumed in less than 30 minutes, the kids lasted approximately 2.5 seconds at the kid's table before running off to play and much laughter was heard across the table.


As I reflect on today, I'm grateful for the opportunity to provide a wonderful meal to such awesome people. Throughout the day we missed my Dad and his absence was felt from the pumpkin pies to the carving of the turkey. No matter how many times he tried to teach me how to carve a turkey, I never quite got it. And I do believe Dad would have been able to save my terrible gravy. Seriously, it was congealed and just awful. I do feel blessed to have a community of wonderful friends and family that surrounds all of us with love even when it isn't Thanksgiving.
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