Thursday, November 13, 2014

Forty Six Weeks with Chicken Nugget


Somehow I completely neglected to take a chair photo for Maggie this week. I think we got lost in enjoying our last full day in Maui. Maggie sure had a grand time on our trip to Hawaii! 


Maggie thrived this past week and I feel like we saw a huge change in her. She went from this sorta walking, mostly crawling baby to this full-fledged toddler who walks everywhere. She's also amped up the food intake and lowered the bottles. 


Maggie tried all sorts of new foods and found most of them to her liking. We were surprised at her love for Asian noodles. We had quite a few meals with different kinds of noodles and she dug them all. The Singapore Curried Noodles at Red Star Noodle were a HUGE hit. 

We also discovered the Maggie finds water to be awesome! She would get so excited when we would go down to the pool or beach. And just like her older sister, Maggie is also a huge sand eater! Those diapers were not pleasant. 


We took Maggie on quite a few adventures, from an underwater boat ride to a tropical plantation. I feel like Maggie really got to experience Maui. I hope this is the first of many visits for her. 


One thing that Maggie did exceptionally well this past week is sleep! Of course it was in bed with Scott and I but she slept so well. It allowed us to rest up some. 

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