Sunday, November 30, 2014

Christmas Traditions - Advent Calendar Day One


Today was the first day of our Advent Calendar Adventure! Today's Fun was to Visit Santa Claus for Santa Photos!  Molly and I had church with my Mom this morning so we decided to visit Santa in the afternoon. Scott refused to wait in the cold so he requested that we visit Santa indoors. We decided to head on up to Pacific Place to visit Santa and it was so much fun! 


We arrived right as Santa was coming off his break and so had time to snap a few photos in line with the beautiful decorations. Or I should say TRY to snap a few photos. My subjects were less than cooperative! 

But they were pretty darn cute and hilarious in their antics. Maggie has started running away as fast as her chubby little legs will take her. This is fun at home but not so fun when one is waiting in line for Santa! 

I'm saving the actual Santa Photo for later but I can tell you, it was epic! Both girls wigged out and started crying when they saw Santa so we had to do the drop them in Santa's lap, let him clutch them tightly and jump out of the photo. We now have a very memorable photo of crying little girls. Scott and I were giggling as we purchased them. The other parents at first tried to comfort us by saying this time is brief but then started giggling when they saw that we were laughing. We know this time is brief and honestly we are going to be a little sad when they no longer cry in Santa's lap. 


After visiting Santa, we decided to head over to Westlake Center to check out the holiday decorations. Molly spotted the Holiday Carousel and begged to ride it. Since it is one of my favorite holiday traditions, I couldn't say no. We had the best time riding it while Scott and Maggie looked on.  Our Advent Calendar is off to a successful start and I'm excited for the rest of our adventures!

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