Wednesday, August 05, 2015

No Sliding Housework, Quick Meals and the Love of Sleep Are This Week's Links Around the Web

This picture makes it look like we had an idyllic time at the beach this morning. What it doesn't show is the sand throwing, screaming at swings, crying and stumbling that also happened. #100DaysofSummer2015

Why I Can't Just Let the Housework Slide I mean some days I can but most days, nope!

Quick Family Meals for the Busiest Parent These look good, real good!

Amusing Drawings Illustrate an Easily Relatable Deep Love of Sleep I never would have related to this before I had children. I wasn't much of a sleeper but now, now I totally relate to them. 

Want to Be Smarter and More Emotionally Intelligent, and to Laugh More? Start Reading These 10 Writers Today Good stuff, here.

Kids + Sewing I really want to sign Molly up for sewing classes but I know she isn't quite ready. Soon though! Soon!

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